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Hi, I am Tri Coach Courtney!


I am a UESCA certified Triathlon Coach and GB Age Group Triathlete. I achieved a podium position at both the European and World Standard Distance Age Group Triathlon Championships in 2023. I am passionate about increasing women's participation in the sport, and through my coaching business, I am on a mission to support women to achieve their endurance sport goals.


I am here to help you achieve your athletic performance goals without compromising your health, or your personal and professional life. My individualised training plans take into account your strengths and limitations to ensure that every session is maximised.

II provide coaching services for athletes of all kinds and really enjoy working with people to achieve their endurance sport goals. You can read more about the coaching packages I offer on the 'How I can help you' page.

Let's take your training to the next level!


Supporting female athletes

I coach all types of athlete, however my motivation to primarily support female athletes comes from my personal experience. Firstly, I have observed the drop-off rate of girls in sports, and secondly, I have gone through the process of truly understanding my own menstrual cycle and have seen the positive impact it has had on my life.


In school biology lessons, we are often taught the basic principles of the menstrual cycle: how it is controlled by four hormones, how cycles are typically 28 days long, and how ovulation occurs on day 14. While these are general guidelines, there is a tremendous amount of individual variation. Each person's menstrual cycle and their experience of it can differ significantly from another's. Sometimes, we may question, "Am I normal?" but what we should really be asking is, "Is this normal for me?"

I strongly believe in the importance of tracking your menstrual cycle and understanding how it impacts your daily life. Maisie Hill, the author of "Period Power," is a prominent advocate of this approach. In her podcast, "The Maisie Hill Experience," she discusses how to leverage your hormones to achieve your desired outcomes in life. This perspective was a breath of fresh air for me, as our hormones is often viewed as a burden, rather than recognising our hormones as a hidden superpower.

If you want to work with me and would like a chance to discuss it more, please get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you!

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