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Client testimonials

I am really proud of the work I do with my athletes. I have asked a few of them to provide an insight into what it's like to work with me.

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1-2-1 Triathlon Coaching

Jo - GB age-group triathlete

I’ve never really been coached in triathlon and I’ve managed to figure it out well enough to win a few local races and race age group for GB. But now I’ve birthed 2 children and am closer to 40 than 30 my training mantra of more=better is failing me and suddenly more=injury.

In a quest to improve my training, stay competitive and stay injury free I have signed up with Coach Courtney.

Since starting with Courtney I am:
- training less hours but with more focussed sessions
- treating niggles with caution and not trying to train ‘normally’ through them.
- building back up to full sessions after periods of ‘no-training’ rather than overcompensating and over training.
- fuelling training rather then thinking fasted training is better.
- strength training and doing mobility sessions.
- spacing run sessions out to allow for recovery.
- taking at least one rest day a week.
- not obsessing over the data and numbers.
- learning how to train alongside my menstrual cycle - finding ways to combat the bleeding/bloating/sickness/cramps that usually stops me in my tracks every 4 weeks.

I’m still fighting my bad habits of over training and not taking recovery seriously but I’m seeing the benefits of Courtney’s approach and excited for this years races.

If anyone is looking for a female specific triathlon coach, I would highly recommend 😊

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1-2-1 Triathlon Coaching

Karen - Aspiring GB age-group triathlete

Courtney has been coaching me since July '23 to support me to qualify for the GB age-group team in triathlon. She provides a week-by-week training programme and feedback each week. I’ve found the structured swimming and cycling sessions much more motivating and therefore more productive than ‘just’ swimming and ‘just’ cycling, which is what I used to do. And I am pleased to say I’ve improved my endurance in both!


She has provided some very useful advice on fuelling for longer rides too. I am a member of a run club and the club sessions are planned in the weekly schedule. For the non-club runs, Courtney is working on my pacing - and setting it at a level appropriate to the distance and the purpose of the run (e.g. a recovery run).

I would thoroughly recommend Courtney to anyone who wants structure and motivation to get and keep fit!


1-2-1 Triathlon Coaching

Tunda - Aspiring triathlete

I worked with Courtney for a few months over the Summer in preparation for a first-time triathlon. In particular, I've needed help to develop my swimming technique and am pleased with the progress I made, going from not knowing how to freestyle to now gradually practising this. Courtney's dynamic in her coaching style, adjusting the approach for each session to my skill level and comfortability. Combined with her lighthearted manner, our sessions have been fun! My confidence has been growing and I'm excited to see my swimming improve. Thanks for everything so far, Courtney!


1-2-1 Running Coaching
Carla - Aspiring Sub-4 hour Marathoner


Coach Courtney was a great support in the lead up to The Big Half. Our focus was to use this race to practice fuelling correctly ahead of Amsterdam marathon in October. She gave me great advice on how to fuel my body correctly to help me to get through the race strong. Courtney kept me positive & motivated by showing her support and checking in with me to iron out any last minute issues / nerves and to remind me of the goal. She also put a really fantastic training plan together, which got me race ready and helped me gain a healthy balance back in my life, so I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle everything. I’ve only been working with her for a few months, she’s an amazing coach who’s helped me achieve some of my goals already, I’m really looking forward to continuing working with her to achieve many more in the future!

Update: Carla achieved her goal of running sub-4 hours at the Malaga Marathon in December 2023! 


1-2-1 Running Coaching
Dawn - Aiming for a sub-27 minute parkrun

I’ve been coached by Courtney over the last couple of months to help me achieve a sub 27 min parkrun – and we’ve done it!  With a combination of running and swimming sessions I’ve been able to increase my running time and the swimming has really helped with my stamina.

The personalised training sessions devised by Courtney were challenging yet within my capability and brought real purpose to my training, a feeling of accomplishment and left me looking forward to the next one. 

Courtney encouraged me to add notes to my training plan for her to see how I was coping with each one.  This made me pay more attention to how the session was going, how I was feeling and the circumstances around each session.  Courtney used this information to tweak my future training sessions and to give me weekly feedback which was motivational and included guidance, tips and encouragement. 

Courtney’s experience of competing has given her a wealth of knowledge that she is ready to share with you.  If you’re looking for someone who can take you beyond a performance you never thought possible, Courtney is the coach for you.

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